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The next-gen platform to educate students and staff in mental wellbeing.

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The evidence base and rationale behind our student mental health solution.

For Every Student

Our mission is to change & save student lives.
UNIHEADS training is free to all students.

Making the Case




Student mental health problems have risen by >500% since 2007

(IPPR 2017)

There has been a 79% increase in student suicide since 2007

(IPPR 2017)

Students report the lowest levels of life satisfaction and happiness in the UK.

(UUK 2017)

No. of Undergraduate Students


*this figure is a conservative estimate that doesn’t account for postgraduates students dropping out of university due to poor mental health and only factors in loss of tuition fees.

Universities must provide clear and accurate information for prospective students concerning mental health support available

(Competitions and Market Authority., 2015 & Universities UK 2017)

University staff have a legal requirement to make reasonable adjustments for students with a mental health condition.

(Equality Act., 2010)

Get ahead of imminent legislation by adopting best practice guidance outlined in the University Mental Health Charter

(University Mental Health Charter., 2019)

The Platform

Our platforms have been developed with key stakeholder groups that include world-leading health academics, mental health professionals, GPs and students.

Engage all of your students in mental health essentials.

  • Mobile, laptop, tablet friendly
  • Student-focused content
  • Reach every student

Engaging from the outset.

  • Breaking the stigma
  • Gamified Design
  • Raises Awareness

Develop student understanding of mental health

  • Reach everyone in under 30mins
  • Educational & informative content
  • Improve student wellbeing

How to maintain good mental health

  • Develop knowledge & skills 
  • Build mental fitness
  • Address poor mental health

Coping with life’s ups & downs

  • Recognise what influences wellbeing
  • Build resilience skills
  • Adopt proactive approaches

Support and signpost friends in crisis

  • Identify risks
  • Learn the skills to help
  • Know where to signpost (OR Seek urgent help)

Consolidate student learning

  • Assess knowledge
  • Test skills
  • Come back at any time

Expected Outcomes

Enabling students to thrive academically and personally.


  • Boost recruitment & retention
  • Reduce counselling wait times
  • Address the University Mental Health Charter

Accom Providers

  • Support every resident student
  • Strengthen university partnerships
  • Attract & retain students


  • Enhance mental wellbeing
  • Reduce the risk of crisis
  • Knowledge to support friends


  • Peace of mind
  • Smooth transition
  • Confidence and trust

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